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Port-Vendres          Grands Causses
Subject FRANCE: Languedoc Roussillon
"An Evening in Port-Vendres"  (Commentary below)

01 Port-Vendres Evening #1

02 Fishermen

03 Trawl #1

04 Trawling Stuff #1

05 Trawling Stuff #2

06 Trawl #2

07 Trawl #3
08 Trawl Machine
09 Trawl #4

10 Trawl and Poller
11 Jollyboat #2

12 Floating Bodies

12 Jollyboat #3

14 Port-Vendres Evening #2


Mediterranean harbour and town of Port Vendres, Roman Portus Veneris, seated at the southern end of the French region Languedoc-Roussillon and close to the border of spanish Catalonia arose on a small an well backed bay. After a changeful history today Port-Vendres is foremost a harbour of fishery and yachting. It is very busy there, because the local fishery fleet is the most active one on the entire Roussillion coast.

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