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Port-Vendres           Grands Causses
Subject FRANCE: Languedoc Roussillon
Gallery "Grands Causses"  (Commentary below)

01 Les Causses

02 Ferme #1

03 Champerboux #1

04 Ferme #2

05 Sauveterre #1

06 Champerboux #2

07 Petit Jardin

08 Sauveterre #2

09 Construction

10 Porte

11 Rénovée

12 Debut de la Soirée


The Grands Causses, large karsty tableland of about 600 km2 and 700 to 1200 m elevation, seated in French Massif Central, are separated from each other by deep canyons and river valleys (rivers Tarn and Jonte). Large plains appear as steppe, because the quite abounding water from rain drains away in the karsty limestone at once.

On the Grands Causses a typical nearly lumberless architecture grew, because of the meager tree population and even as a result of very intensive sheep farming. Elsewhere used wooden constructions were largely substituted by stony vaults and roofs were covered with heavy slabs of natural stone.

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