Paul-Jürgen Weber         Photographer
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Trees of the Ocean            Granite           Stone and Water          Wood.1           Wood.2
Subject NATURE: Amerika
"Trees of the Ocean"  (Commentary below)

01 After The Rain

02 Bank Zone 1

03 Sandpiper

04 Tree Bathing

05 Big Cedar Stand 1

06 Big Cedar Stand 2

07 Periscope

08 Pacific Cedar 2

09 Pacific Cedar 3

10 Big Cedar Eye

11 Strandmarker

12 Bank Zone 2

13 Tranformation

14 Bank Zone 3

15 Get-together

16 In The Evening

Mega Jackstraws on Pacific Shores

The old giants disengaged themselves from their obligation to stand upright as regular trees in the forest. Now they are lusty rolling in the surf of the Pacific and basking self-consciously their majestic skeletons on the sands: creative disorder, powerful individuality, no compromises. In the outmost northwest of the USA on Olympic peninsula and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Vancouver Island you can experience it.

  • Copyright ©  2010  Paul-Jürgen Weber