Paul-Jürgen Weber         Photographer
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Portfolio "Rheinau Harbour"  (Commentary below)

01 Harbour Authority Building at Dawn

02 The Bayenturm

03 Harbour Crane #1

04 Harbour Crane #2

05 Inside Hall 11 #1

06 Inside Hall 11 #2

07 Inside Hall 12

08 Steel Ring in Front of Hall 11

09 New Road Stones

10 Harbour and Yachts #1

11 Harbour andt Yachts #2

12 View from the Bridge to Deutz

13 Severin Bridge Twice

14 Crane House View 1

15 Crane House View 2

16 Crane House View 3

17 Crane House View 4

18 Perspective Wohnwerft #1

19 "Cyclist" at Bayenturm

20 Perspective Wohnwerft #2

21 Banger at the Chocolate Museum

22 Pivot Bridge at the Chokolate Museum

23 "Siebengebirge", View from Deutz

24 Severin Bridge, View from Deutz

25 "Siebengebirge", View from Poll

26 Crane Houses and Cathedral


After its closure as a harbour for handling of goods the site of Rheinauhafen of 2000m length and 200 m width has been developped since 2003 into a new urban quarter with a structural mix of living, working, gastronomy and cultural hot spots. The combination of historical buildings and modern architecture as well as its location straight on the banks of the river Rhine creates a unique and distinctive attraction. Particularly outstanding are the three "Kranhäuser" (architects Hadi Teherani and Alfons Linster) of 62m hight understanding the refurbished ancient harbour cranes in their form of appearance. In 2009 the middle Kranhaus was decorated in Cannes with the MIDIM-Award.

  • Copyright ©  2010  Paul-Jürgen Weber